What Makes a Woman Memorable to a Man? 15 Qualities

What Makes a Woman Memorable to a Man? 15 Qualities

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Updated: 4 Jul, 2023

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Thanks to the media portrayal of “an ideal woman,” people may have the wrong notion about the perfect woman. With highly edited pictures, scheduled photo shoots, and an extensive focus on what women should wear, it’s easy to get confused about how to be unforgettable to a man.

What makes a woman special to a man or what makes a great woman consists of more than just her looks. 

You can do everything expected from using the best cosmetics, wearing the most charming clothes, walking like a model, and still not move close to being an unforgettable woman. However, you don’t need to be a model or perfect to be an extraordinary woman.

So, what makes someone memorable if it’s not body shape, clothes, or hairstyle? What makes a great woman to a man, and how to be a good woman to a man?

If you want to know how to leave a good impression on a man, this article highlights the qualities that make a woman memorable to a man. Read till the very end to find out more.

What makes a woman an unforgettable woman: 15 qualities

What makes a woman memorable to a man varies. From your behavior, smile, and how you make him feel, anything can make you an unforgettable woman to a man. Indeed different men have different preferences in women, but the qualities that make you stand out are often things he may feel he can’t get from other women. 

Learn about these unique qualities of an unforgettable woman below:

1. A great personality

Generally, a great personality will get anyone to like you. For a man, a woman with an admirable personality can act as extra icing on top of a cake. It can soothe their heart and gives them some moments of joy.

Although physical appearance is often the first thing anyone notices when they first see you, a charming personality is what keeps the conversation going. It can determine whether there will be a second date or not. 

No matter how beautiful you are, your personality usually determines the relationship’s longevity. If it’s not compatible with your partner’s expectations, there will be an issue eventually.

2. Good at intelligent conversations

When a man says you are a good woman, could it be because he realizes you are good with conversations?

Regardless of what you think makes a woman memorable, a woman who can intelligently debate her way through diverse issues can get the attention and respect of most men.

Usually, men want a woman that can participate in discussions and arguments while still being respectful. They love women who present their opinions on diverse issues smartly.

3. Appreciates open communication

What makes a man think of a woman? A man may remember a woman who isn’t afraid to communicate things to her partner. Although some men may find it challenging to speak their minds, they usually find articulate women admirable.

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Women who are not afraid to speak their minds can make the best partners. There is usually no second-guessing with them because they are likely not trying to hide things. They also teach their partners the principle of healthy communication.

4. A good listener

What makes a woman unforgettable can depend on her listening abilities. A good listener can capture a man’s heart with her attentive and considerate nature. 

Men are generally not known to express their feelings with ease. When they eventually do, they likely fall for someone who can listen actively to them without judgment. Besides, a good listener can make it easy to be vulnerable – a quality that strengthens romantic relationships.Related Reading: The Importance of Art of Listening in a Relationship

5. Looks her best

What makes someone unforgettable? A person’s appearance is one thing you can’t rule out when trying to attract and leave a good impression on a partner. It could be your eyes, face, body shape, the way you walk, or how you dress.  

A pleasing appearance begins the conversation and leads to many crucial relationship milestones. If a man finds you gorgeous, you will be memorable even when nothing happens between you.Related Reading:How Much Do Looks Matter in a Relationship?

6. Self-sufficient

Although men may like to showcase their hero instincts when in a relationship, they can love a self-sufficient woman. 

A self-sufficient woman is confident in her ability to get things done. She usually believes in her strength and power and doesn’t wait around to make things happen. However, she likely won’t reject any help you have to offer or make it uncomfortable for you.

7. Passionate about her career

Some men get intimidated by a woman’s achievement, but others find it attractive. An increasing number of men love to associate with successful and intelligent women.


Some men like to lead but admire women who can inspire them. They don’t allow ego to get in the way of their preference. Someone who is determined and focused on her dreams and goals makes an intelligent partner. If this quality describes you, it can make you an unforgettable woman.

8. Knows what she wants

What makes a woman memorable to a man? A strong will and determination often make the list of qualities that make a woman unforgettable. 

Indecisiveness can make people think you are not confident. Also, it makes it easy for others to force their opinions on you. It shows a lack of confidence, but if you are assertive and stand by your words, men won’t likely forget you.

9. A good cook

What is a good woman to a man? Well, one age-long method that seems to be working is good food. The saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach might just be correct for certain men. No person will forget a partner who makes delicious meals. 

Anyone can make a good impression by feeding them good food, irrespective of gender.

You don’t have to be as good as a professional chef. As long as your partner gets good food from you, you will likely be unforgettable for them. 

10. Appreciative

If you want to know how to be unforgettable to a man, try to appreciate his effort towards building the relationship. You don’t have to wait until he does something big before you praise him. 

Ensure you pay attention to the little things he does to make you happy and let him know that he is the best. That might make him go out of his way to do things for you with more abandon!

There are probably going to be days when he won’t meet up with your expectations, but understand that he’s human. On days like these, try to appreciate the other “little” things he does, and see how delighted he will be.

To understand how gratitude can make you more attractive to your partner, watch this video by Sara Algoe:

11. Has a good sense of humor

What makes a woman memorable is usually when she makes people laugh. It is also something that can keep a conversation smooth and engaging. 

Getting along during tough times can become easier if you have a good sense of humor. You can become unforgettable if you make him laugh or understand jokes easily.

12. Great in bed

If you have unique skills in bed, you will become indelible in a man’s memory. Nonetheless, your sexual competence shouldn’t be the only thing a man finds attractive.

13. Smells nice

What makes a woman special to a man can also be found in her scent. A woman who smells nice is naturally attractive as men will find you pleasing and sexually alluring. 

Besides, smelling nice is one of the basics of personal hygiene. Every mature woman can consider using a nice perfume, but not necessarily the most expensive perfume.

14. Dresses well

What makes a woman memorable can be her manner of dressing. 

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Paying extra attention to your mode of dressing can make a big difference to a man. Dressing well makes you more presentable, which can also convey that you care about yourself and expect to be treated well by a partner.

15. Supportive

A supportive partner is a gift that most of us desire and it can definitely make you memorable to a man.

Being supportive often doesn’t require more than understanding your partner’s interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. 

For example, you can support your man by cheering for his football club when they are playing. Similarly, you can support your man’s career by referring clients or customers to him.

What makes a woman special?

Many things make you memorable to a man. These include beauty, your dressing sense, scent, behavior, attitude, etc.

Also, what makes a woman great to a man differs from man to man. 

However, you are special if he finds it challenging to find your qualities in other women. If you make your man feel loved, valued, and respected, it will make you special. Even if there are women with similar qualities, he will never forget you.

Final thoughts

What makes a woman memorable to a man differs. It could be your confidence, beauty, pleasant behavior, or because you stood by him when the world was against him. 

A man can also remember you because of your specific skills or dressing style. These qualities are endless, and it is left to you to make the best decision. Importantly, it would help if you remembered that men’s preference differs and ultimately being the best version of yourself, helps.

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